“I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Boutin eight years ago.  He brought in a large red abstract and asked if I'd be interested in buying it.  I was, and that began a long and prosperous friendship and working relationship.
      Jeff is a multi-faceted artist in the truest sense of the word.  He is very eclectic in his style, and subject matter.  He is very down to earth and a joy to work with.  Jeff is steadily becoming one of the most collected and recognizable artists in the midwest and beyond.
     Just when you think you know how Jeff paints, he reinvents himself anew.  From landscapes to abstracts, from representational to figurative, he is always experimenting with new ways to create art.  However, he still has a signature style to his technique that is very recognizable to his followers and collectors.  A week doesn't go by where someone doesn't come in to ask what we have new from Jeff. 
     Jeff is a master of color and texture  and this is what art collectors love about his work.  His brilliant colors of trees and landscapes are a joy to behold and make people love and appreciate his paintings.  
     Despite his success in the last several years, he remains the same down to earth, self-deprecating soul that walked into my gallery that day. He has not changed one bit and remains a truly authentic individual with very little ego - a person first, and then an artist.
I have been proud to work with Jeff Boutin over the years. When I hear his knock on the gallery back door I am as excited to see what painting he's brought as I was the first time he brought that red abstract in for me to see eight years ago.”
Beverly Madden-Bishop
Manager, Art Resources Gallery-Edina, MN 


As the gallery owner of Your Art’s Desire, Jeff Boutin is a rare caliber of artist to work with.  Not only has he refined a style that is uniquely identifiable, he continues to challenge himself creatively to keep his work fresh and exciting for both himself and his collectors; while simultaneously possessing an uncanny ability to be just ahead of the next trend in consumer preferences.  Among the many personal reasons Jeff is a joy to represent, he is one of the hardest working artists we know who fully understands his time is best spent creating.  Jeff also exemplifies the importance of pricing his work competitively and consistently and his efforts to route potential collectors to his gallery representatives is equally unfailing and rigorous; making him an easy choice for representation and creative collaboration.   

 --Melissa Williamson-Herren
 Your Art’s Desire Gallery of Art and Framing
 12928 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN